Episode Nine: The Anti-del.icio.us


full dysclosure
Blackberry Stormengadget review
iPhone 2.2 upgrade
BluRay DRM Cracked
PC Mag to stop printing… still online

What’s the best geek night on television? (rc = recently cancelled)
NBC – Monday – Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy (rc)
CBS – Monday – Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Worst Week, CSI Miami
ABC – Wednesday – Pushing Daisies (rc), Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money (rc)
FOX – Monday – Terminator, Prison Break
HBO – Sunday – True Blood, Entourage
Showtime – Sunday – Dexter, Californication

wheel of pop
Video Game Consoles 1982

websites of the week
www.only2clicks.com – web interface bookmarking for non-web afficionados
www.mydamnchannel.com – podcast portal for laughs a-plenty

Mike TrebilcockShut Us Up and Make Us Smile

Happy Thanksgiving to our listeners south of the 49th parallel.

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