Episode 4: I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Browsing Me


The Show Notes

  • Full Dysclosure:  Elections, new MacBooks, Passchendaele and more…
  • Browser Wars
  • The Revival of Piano Rock
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Movies in 1993
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Newseum; Mike – Very Tasteful (Anth sez:  I also revisit last week’s pick, Mufin.)
  • Musical Artist: Billy Reid

To tie up this fourth episode, Very Tasteful’s own Billy Reid is the featured musical act.  His song, entitled Spring Yields A Goldblum, sums up several of the topics we “dyscussed” on the show.

Billy is a filmmaker, performer, musician and (more recently) an animator, and his stuff is hugely popular on YouTube.  Mike has performed with him on the Victoria improv scene, and you can check out all of his stuff at the link provided in our Websites Of The Week show note.

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