Episode 3: Don’t Leave Chad Hangin’


The Show Notes

  • Canadian Thanksgiving – Where Be The Pilgrims?
  • Spotlighting the spotlight on Mac notebooks
  • The Spider Man Musical – Broadway Budget Ballooning
  • The 49th Perpendicular:  Election Fever!
  • Wheel Of Pop:  Television in 1984
  • Websites Of The Week:  Anthony – Mufin; Mike – Mecanbe (Mike sez: Email us for invites to Mecanbe!)
  • Musical Artist:  Rob Szabo

Rob Szabo was first “dyscovered” by Anthony and mike when they worked at CFMU in Hamilton.  Rob was a member of the Groove Daddys, a power pop trio that they played endlessly.  Because it was good.  Rob struck out on his own years ago, and we play a track from his latest album, Life & Limb entitled That Cold Hard Sell.

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